Everyone has some kind of sexual problem at some time in their life, and people with epilepsy are no exception. If you have epilepsy you are almost bound to have to deal with, at some time or another, the same sexual problems that most people occasionally encounter. Sex is not always perfect. Many men have erection problems, many women find it difficult to reach orgasm. People vary very much in their need for sex, their interest in it, and even in their enjoyment of it.
In addition to these ‘normal’ problems which everyone has, people who have epilepsy may also have sexual anxieties and occasionally problems which are related to their epilepsy. Many, perhaps most, of the special sexual problems of people with epilepsy are a by-product of anticonvulsant medication. But most of these problems can be solved. Epilepsy need not stop you starting a family, or affect your chances of marriage or of having normal sexual relationships.

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