Your body temperature is a good guide to the state of your metabolism. To test your thyroid function you need to measure your basal body temperature, which is your temperature at rest. First get a thermometer. There are some good electronic ones on the market which only take a minute to register the temperature and bleep when they have done it.
-    Put the thermometer by your bed before you go to sleep.
-    When you wake in the morning, put the thermometer in your armpit and leave until it bleeps. Your temperature needs to be taken with you lying as still as possible. Do not get out of bed or have a drink before you take your temperature.
-    Record your temperature in the same way over three mornings. It needs to be taken at the same time each morning.
-    If you are still having periods, you need to do this test on the second, third and fourth day of your cycle. Your body temperature rises after ovulation so it would not give a clear picture of what is happening to take your temperature later in the cycle. Your basal body temperature should read between 36.4 and 36.7°C (97.6 and 98.2°F).
If the temperature is low, it would be worth speaking to your doctor or health practitioner about possible problems with your thyroid.
Weight gain also often follows a hysterectomy. I have seen women who have put on at least 12.7kg (2 stone) after this operation. This level of weight gain is also often linked to taking HRT, so make sure you have eliminated all possible causes for the weight gain.
Once you have checked these possibilities there are a number of other ways to try to lose weight. First try a food-combining regime based on avoiding eating proteins and starches together at the same meal. The theory is that both protein and starches need different enzymes to be digested, so there will be a ‘fight’ as both cannot be digested effectively at the same time. This theory does not seem to have been proven scientifically and yet people get very good results by trying it. This ‘fight’ can cause bloating and weight gain because the undigested food is being stored and not properly assimilated. Women who have lost weight using food combining often choose to eat this way permanently as they feel it gives them more energy and fewer digestive troubles. The easiest way to understand this method of eating is to follow a few simple rules.
1.   Don’t mix starchy foods with proteins.
2.   Eat fruit on its own.
3.   Don’t have milk with either starch or protein.


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