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Although experts say that losing weight simply requires burning more calories than are consumed, putting this principle into practice is far from simple. If it were this easy, the more than 50 percent of Americans who are overweight would find it relatively easy to exercise willpower. According to William W. Hardy, M.D., president of the Michigan-based Rochester Center for Obesity,
to say weight control is simply a matter of pushing away from the table is ludicrous. Nature is a CHEAT. Sure, calories in minus calories out equals weight, but people of the same age, sex, height, and weight can have differences of as much as 1,000 calories a day in “resting metabolic rate” – this may explain why one person’s gluttony is another’s starvation, even if it results in the same readout on the scale. And while people of normal weight average 25-35 billion fat cells, obese people can inherit a billowing 135 billion. A roll of the genetic dice adds more variety: at least 240 genes affect weight.
Remember that weight loss doesn’t happen easily for everyone. Not only is it more difficult for some, but it may actually require considerably more effort, more supportive friends and relatives, and extraordinary efforts to prime the body for burning more calories and depriving it of others. Being overweight or obese does not mean you are weak-willed or lazy. As scientists unlock the many secrets of genetic messengers that influence weight gain and loss and other variables, as well as increasing their understanding of the role of certain foods in the weight loss equation, dieting may not be the same villain in the future that it is today.

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