Nutritional deficiencies
Among the skin disorders resulting from nutritional deficiencies are keratinization in severe vitamin A deficiency, cheilosis in riboflavin deficiency, and dermatitis in niacin deficiency. Eczema is a frequent disorder in infants. Usually it is a symptom of allergy, but deficiencies of linoleic acid or vitamin B6 also result in eczema.

Acne vulgaris
This is a chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands accompanied by pimples and blackheads. It is especially trying during the adolescent period.
The treatment has been described as “confusing, contradictory, and controversial.” Chocolate, candies, sweets, fried foods, rich desserts are often blamed for the condition, but research has shown that they apparently have little effect. Although there is no harm in the restriction of these foods, it is probably futile to expect improvement in the skin condition if they are omitted. The most positive approach that can be taken is to emphasize the need for a nutritionally adequate diet and to stress principles of hygiene such as skin cleanliness, exercise, elimination, and regular hours of rest.

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