In girls occasionally an irritation occurs in the vaginal region. Called vulvovaginitis, it may affect the vulva at the vaginal opening. There are many causes, ranging from a lack of hygiene, to infections from germs, to threadworms (which may have journeyed from the back passage and become lost in the vagina), to hormonal deficiencies. It sometimes indicates early diabetes.

There may be no symptoms at all. Or there may be a discharge from the vagina, or itch or irritation. The discharge may be whitish, or clear or stringy and slimey. Sometimes it is pussy if there is an infection present. A bloodstained discharge may indicate a foreign object has been pushed into the vaginal canal— this is not uncommon with youngsters.


Any symptoms in this region should receive medical attention. With a few simple tests, the doctor can often diagnose the cause and order the correct treatment. Frequently, adequate cleanliness and hygiene will prevent these problems from taking place.


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