When I visited Mesopotamia (between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers) I went to a small museum at the edge of the ruined city of ancient Babylon. There I saw vessels that had been used by women of those bygone times for the storage of oils and creams. According to ancient records, the women even used plants as a basis for the preparation of cosmetics and aromatic oils, as it is still the practice in those areas among Arab and Bedouin women. On another visit, this time to the Indians of the Amazon region, I became acquainted with a plant from which a fatty red dye is obtained. The natives use this extract to paint the body and face and it adheres to the skin for weeks, not even soap being strong enough to remove it.

The skin is, and should be, the expression of one’s good health, so if you want to help nature a little by caring for your skin, use nothing but biological cosmetics, especially those of natural plant origin, since they stimulate and support the skin’s natural functions. Other cosmetics are little more than paint, a veritable deception.


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