There are two ways of looking at the picture. First, robust sexuality keeps you in a better position to stay disease-free. Second, avoiding disease-especially cardiovascular disease and diabetes-is the best thing you can do for your long-term sex life. So not only is sex healthy but also health is sexy.

And while abundant sex won’t guarantee that you live to be 96, consider this advice from our experts. As you’re preparing to live into your nineties as a result of other information you’ve gleaned from these pages, schedule in enough sex time.

You’re going to want it for the same reasons you want it now. It’s a way of having special intimacy with your partner, it’s an excellent form of relaxation, and it’s the best outlet for your horny desires.

“There’s no specific decline in libido with age,” says Alan Brauer, M.D., founder of the Brauer Total Care Medical Center in Palo Alto, California, and co-author of ESO: The New Promise of Pleasure for Couples in Love. “Sexual interest doesn’t change, even in men in their eighties and nineties.” And even at that age, you’ll probably be not only willing but also able. “Erection capacity in healthy men should remain-in fact, does remain- into their nineties,” Dr. Brauer says.

The key word there is healthy. Age per se doesn’t wilt your weapon, no matter what you’ve heard to the contrary. But disease does.

“The graph that shows progressive increases of erectile dysfunction with advancing age is from data taken from hospital populations, people with vascular disease, heart disease, diabetes, alcoholism, and so forth,” Dr. Vinik points out. “You take a population of healthy aging people, and that’s not going to occur.”