Every cell is a miniature factory and needs raw materials and fuel for its processes. Only if it is supplied with all it needs, on schedule, can it be expected to perform as reliably and marvellously as it does. Shortages of the required quantities and flaws in the quality of raw materials force the cells to find a make-shift solution. It is only under the most trying conditions that the cells look for shortcuts and thereby suffer in their performance. A case in point is seen when the body begins to build giant cells, known as cancer cells. Of course, the cell itself cannot be blamed for the defect, for it fights and resists desperately to the point where failure can no longer be avoided.

We must, therefore, ensure that the ‘mail trains’ of our arterial system can keep their schedules by stimulating circulation through exercise and proper breathing. Furthermore, we must see to it that all the necessary raw materials are provided in the right quantities and quality. Only then can the laboratories of our cells perform their wonderful work in harmony with the divine purpose and programme assigned to them. We can then reap the full benefits of the cells’ willing performance on our behalf.


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